Water Heater Repair and Installation in Montgomery County, MD

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Water heaters are essential household appliances that must be regularly maintained and serviced to ensure proper functioning. Not only do they provide hot water for bathing and cleaning. They’re also essential for keeping you warm during the winter months in Montgomery County. If you’re having issues with your water heater, contact a certified professional for water heater repair or installation services.

Is your water heater tank struggling to meet your demands? Perhaps you should start shopping for a new one. Contact us for water heater replacement services.

Do I Need Water Heater Repair Services?

Some signs that you may need water heater repair services include the following:

  • Your water is overly hot, lukewarm or temperatures are inconsistent
  • You hear strange noises coming from the appliance
  • The unit is leaking, rusting or giving off a strange burning smell
  • Water is pooling near the heater

If you suspect your water heater needs repair, don’t wait to contact Heil Plumbing. Our licensed plumbing technicians are experts at water heater repair and installation in Montgomery County. We’ll make sure your water heater is running safely and efficiently. We can also advise on how to extend the lifespan of your water heater.