Leak Detection and Pipe Repair in Montgomery County, MD

If you suspect a water pipe leak in your home, call Heil Plumbing at 240-451-1083. We provide leak detection and burst pipe repair services in Montgomery County and the surrounding areas.

Leaking pipes and plumbing fixtures can cause significant water damage in your home. If left unattended, the resulting moisture can lead to mold and mildew growth, which can pose serious health risks for your family.

If you suspect your pipes or plumbing fixtures are leaking, it’s crucial to take action as soon as possible. Our plumbers have the experience and knowledge to provide effective leak detection and pipe repair services for your Montgomery County home.

Is your water heater producing inconsistent hot water? You may benefit from water heater repair. Contact us to find out more.

Do I Need Leak Detection and Pipe Repair Services?

Plumbing leaks come from a variety of sources. That’s why proactive leak detection is essential to protect your plumbing appliances and family. Look out for the following common leak sources:

  • Broken pipes behind walls: Damp spots on your walls or ceilings, any discoloration in the paint or wallpaper, and signs of mold could mean you have broken pipes hidden behind your walls. You may also hear dripping or running water from the wall or ceiling. Proactive leak detection and pipe repair services will prevent further damage to your Montgomery County home.
  • Drain pipes: Broken drain pipes can be a major issue for Montgomery County homeowners. Damage to these pipes can lead to extensive water damage, mold growth, and other serious problems. Our plumbing experts will identify the source of your problem and repair any pipe damage to eliminate leaks.
  • Faucets, fixtures, and valves: If your water bill is higher than usual, it could be due to a leaking plumbing fixture. Essential plumbing parts degrade over time, so seek professional pipe repair services as needed.
  • Frozen pipes: Knowing how to prevent and detect frozen pipes during the Montgomery County winter is essential for every homeowner. A single frozen pipe can lead to thousands of dollars of damage.
  • Hose bibs: Outdoor faucets that leak, drip, or otherwise struggle with water flow can be incredibly irritating and expensive if you don’t address the issues promptly. If you have an outdoor faucet, proper maintenance is necessary to prevent leaking. Be sure to disconnect your hose and drain it before the winter months cause your water to freeze.
  • Toilets: Minor leaks in toilets can become significant issues if left unaddressed. They can cause water damage to your home and lead to higher water bills. If your toilet leaks, call an expert plumber to prevent any serious issues.
  • Underground water lines: If you suspect an underground water line leak, it’s important to contact a plumbing professional immediately. An underground water line leak can cause severe structural damage to your home if left unchecked. Heil Plumbing has the expertise and tools to detect and repair a leak accurately.
  • Water heaters: Signs of a leaking water heater may include wet spots near the unit, pooling water around its base, or dripping from the unit itself. Other indications may be a decrease in water pressure or insufficient hot water. To prevent any severe leaking, it’s essential to maintain your water heater and replace it once it begins to deteriorate.