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Hug A Plumber Day

Today is a very special day here at Heil Plumbing—it is national Hug A Plumber Day! If you happen to have a plumber in your home, or run into one outside, give them a nice big hug (of course, you can always just let them know you appreciate what they do—we can understand hugging a plumber wouldn’t always be a good idea depending on what kind of work they just finished).

Just like any other profession, there are both highlights and challenges of being a plumber. It can be hard on the body and mind—sometimes those drain clogs take hours to clear out! But without plumbers, we would be in seriously deep doo-doo. We need plumbers to keep our clean water coming and our wastewater going. From fixing running toilets and replacing water heaters to installing new sewer lines and emergency plumbing situations, plumbers keep things moving when we need it the most.

So thanks to all the plumbers out there! To help share the love, here are a few funny experiences plumbers have to face:

“I had a service call to a manufactured home. The lady who lived there alone was concerned about the smell emanating from the bathroom. It was as they say “bad”. It took just a two-minute look underneath the trailer to see what the problem was: the toilet drained to nowhere. The waste had just piled up over the years and sat underneath the trailer, turning the ground underneath to some sort of toxic mush that was ruled unsafe.”

“I found four live snakes in our septic system”

“I got a call for a blocked toilet. I could feel a hard obstruction with the toilet snake and was able to retrieve the customers bottom plate (denture). It made his day that he didn’t have to buy a new one, and yes, he is using them.”

If you’re looking for an opportunity to hug a plumber sometime soon, go ahead and give us a call for that leaky pipe or the slow drain you’ve been putting off. In most cases, we can diagnose and fix the issue in the same day— something to certainly hug your plumber over!

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