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Summer Plumbing Checklist

2 min read • June 18th, 2019

Heil Plumbing

While it may be easier to think of things that we need to do to keep our plumbing in check for winter, there are also plenty of things you can check to gear up for summer and make sure the water keeps flowing. Summer is a great time to get around to any projects that you’ve been meaning to tackle, so you may want to add these things to your summer preparation list.

Check for Leaks

Take some extra time to make sure that all of your fixtures and pipes aren’t leaking. We tend to use more water in the summer, so we want to make sure that we aren’t using more than we intend to. Turn on your faucets, flush your toilet, hook up your hose outside. Check the handles and pipes wherever you can to make sure there’s not moisture where it should be dry. Don’t forget to check around the base of your showers or toilets! You may also want to keep a close eye on your water bill. While you may expect to see a jump from increased usage, anything that seems alarmingly high could be linked to a leak you can’t see.

Check the Water Pressure

This can be done while you are checking for leaks. All you really need to do to check your water pressure is run a couple of faucets at the same time, or flush your toilet while running the shower. If the water pressure lessens while you’ve got a couple things running, it could be time to have things looked at, or keep the issue in mind. If it seems to get worse, you would certainly want to call a certified plumber to investigate the issue.

Check the Odds and Ends

Make sure all of the other working components of your plumbing are doing okay. Is your garbage disposal clogged or running inefficiently? Are your faucets loose and need to be tightened or replaced? Is your sump pump working correctly? Taking some time out of your day to double-check all of these things can save you time and money in the future, making sure to take care of any issues before they get worse.

Looking for Plumbers in Maryland? Choose Heil Plumbing

While you finish up your spring-cleaning and move onto your summer projects, be sure to keep the plumbing on the list! If you run into any issues that you can’t tackle yourself, give Heil plumbing a call. Our licensed plumbers can help with all projects big and small, and if you have any questions our office staff is more than happy to help you!

Why Choose Heil

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The Heil Difference

We’re dedicated to offering the highest quality residential and commercial plumbing services for every customer. Our plumbers are available to respond to your call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our residential and commercial plumbers in Columbia and Ellicott City cover every need, from simple fixture repairs to complex drain and sewer problems.

While we are based in Jessup, Maryland, our plumbing contractors also service Catonsville, Columbia, Ellicott City, Odenton, Clarksville, Elkridge, Fulton, Laurel, and Severn.


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