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Can I Flush Wipes Down the Toilet? 4 Problems Wipes Can Cause in Your Sewer Line or Septic System

You’ve probably seen those wipes in stores that say “flushable,” “sewer safe,” or “septic safe”. These companies claim that their products are convenient and you can simply toss them in the toilet. But you may want to think twice before you flush those wipes.

The dirty truth is that wipes can easily clog up your sewer line and cause problems in your septic system. Wipes do not disintegrate and break down in water the way toilet paper does. Therefore, Heil Plumbing recommends throwing wipes in the trash rather down flushing them down the toilet.

4 Problems Wipes Can Cause in Your Sewer Line or Septic System

  1. Because wipes do not break down as fast as toilet paper, they may ball up and clog your plumbing.

  2. Wipes may get caught on tree roots that have crept into cracks of an old sewer line.

  3. Wipes can build up at the inlet of the septic tank and cause the septic to back up into the house.

  4. Wipes may collect in sagging or flat sections of your sewer line. A flat spot, sag or belly is where your sewer line does not properly slope downward from your house to the county connection.

If you suspect that you have an issue with your sewer, a licensed plumber can send a camera down your line to locate the problem.

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