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Do I Have a Polybutylene Water Line? 3 Ways to Determine If You Have Polybutylene Plumbing

2 min read • July 29th, 2015

Heil Plumbing

Polybutylene, also known as blue pipe or poly pipe, is a material used to connect houses to the county water line. Unfortunately, polybutylene is known to leak and burst without any warning. Here are 3 clues to help you determine if you have a polybutylene water line.

1. You Have Blue Pipes and/or Grey Fittings

Check the plumbing in your house for a blue pipe and grey fitting. Look at where the water line enters your house through the basement wall or floor and where the pipe attaches to your home’s main water shutoff valve or water meter.

2. Your House Was Built Between the Late 1970s & the Mid-1990s

Due to the ease of installation and its low cost, polybutylene piping was used in the construction of millions of homes throughout the United States from the late 1970s to the mid-1990s.

3. Your Neighbors Have Polybutylene Pipes

Typically, builders used the same type of plumbing materials in all the houses they were developing in one area. Ask your neighbors if they know they have polybutylene. If your neighbors have it, you likely have polybutylene as well unless it was replaced by a previous owner.

Replacing Your Polybutylene Pipes Before Water Line Failure

The only way to eliminate issues that can come from deteriorating polybutylene piping is to replace the water line. The Joseph Heil Company perfected a technique called the Pullzit, where we can pull a new water line under your lawn without destroying your trees and driveway.

Interactive Heil Plumbing Polybutylene Pipes Map

Listed are known residential sites in Howard County, MD where polybutylene was originally installed.

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