Sewer Camera Inspection in Laurel, MD

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Protect your home and plumbing with a sewer camera inspection in Laurel. Our skilled team will carefully evaluate your underground infrastructure and detect any problems that will bring costly repairs if left unresolved.

Take the first step to stress-free plumbing today. We’ll help you stay one step ahead of the headache and mess of plumbing issues.

How does a sewer camera inspection work?

Uncover troublesome plumbing problems that might be hiding in your sewer system. Our specialists will pinpoint any damage in your sewer line and provide expert guidance on how to resolve the problem. 

Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Our team will safely plunge a camera system into your sewer line to capture footage of your sewer interior
  2. We’ll analyze the footage and identify any underlying structural issues
  3. If we uncover a problem, we’ll give you the most practical solution that will save you money in the long run

Do I really need a sewer camera inspection?

If you detect the following signs of sewer line damage, schedule an inspection as soon as possible, and secure peace of mind:

  • Slow drainage: Are you frustrated by slow water drainage in your sinks, showers, or baths? Ignoring this issue could lead to more significant problems, especially if multiple plumbing fixtures are effected. 
  • Sewage backups: If you’re experiencing sewage backups in your home, it’s likely due to corroded pipes, persistent blockages, or unexpected cracks. 
  • Gurgling noises: Strange gurgling noises emanating from your pipes indicate that air is seeping into your sewer line through a crevice or opening. 
  • Foul odors: Blocked drains and pipe damage can lead to unpleasant sewage odors in your home.  
  • Wet spots around your yard: Are you experiencing water accumulation in your yard? If so, a broken sewer line is likely to blame, which can pose significant health hazards if not resolved in a timely manner.
  • Old clay pipes: Homeowners in Laurel who have houses that are 50+ years old typically have sewer lines made of clay. Unfortunately, they last only 50-60 years, so you’ll need to repair them soon.

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