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Garbage Disposal Not Working? This DIY Couldn’t Be Easier.

Is your garbage disposal not working? If so, don’t worry. You can diagnose and repair jams quickly and efficiently with a bit of know-how and a simple Allen wrench. Watch the video below or read more to learn how to fix your garbage disposal manually and how to use the garbage disposal reset button to get it spinning freely again. 

Garbage Disposal Not Working? It Could Be Jammed.

Find out if your garbage disposal is jammed with this easy test. But first, make sure your garbage disposal is turned off.

Next, look under your sink for the underside of your garbage disposal. Insert an Allen wrench (a.k.a. Allen key or hex wrench) into the center of the bottom. Then turn clockwise and counterclockwise, feeling for a jam.

If there’s no resistance, your garbage disposal is not jammed. But if your garbage disposal is still not working, you might be able to fix your problem with the garbage disposal reset button. (See “How to Reset Your Garbage Disposal” below.)  

How to Fix Your Jammed Garbage Disposal

If you find that your garbage disposal is not working because it’s jammed, continuing to turn the Allen wrench in the bottom of your garbage disposal should do the trick. 

If the Allen wrench doesn’t work, peer down your drain with a flashlight to see if anything is stuck. If you see anything, use a pair of pliers to remove it. Remember to keep the garbage disposal off, and never stick your hand down the drain. The blades are very sharp.

How to Reset Your Garbage Disposal 

If your garbage disposal is not working and it’s not jammed, try pressing the garbage disposal reset button. 

Look for a red button at the bottom of your garbage disposal and press it firmly. If you feel it click or push in, there’s a good chance it needed resetting, and it will now work. 

If it’s still not working after pressing the garbage disposal reset button, there’s one more trick you can try.

Your Garbage Disposal Issue Could Be a Clogged Sink

Sometimes, it might seem like your garbage disposal is not working, but the problem could actually be a clogged drain. If your garbage disposal is on and the water isn’t draining, the problem is likely a backed-up drain. You might need to simply run a snake down the line to unclog your sink.  

If this doesn’t work, you may need to replace the garbage disposal or call a professional. If you do choose to go the DIY route, make sure to unplug the power and turn off its circuit breaker before beginning any repairs. Ultimately, it’s always best to address any plumbing issues as soon as possible so that a potential problem doesn’t become an even bigger one. 

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