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Water Heater Replacement in Columbia & Ellicott City, Maryland

From washing clothes to cleaning and bathing, water heaters are essential for comfort and cleanliness in modern homes and businesses. While a typical water heater can last 12 years or longer, its lifespan is dependent on how well it is maintained, the quality of the water, and several other factors.

When you need a new water heater in the Howard County area, you can count on our team at Heil Plumbing for professional, affordable water heater replacement services. Since 1977, we have been offering plumbing, sewer, and drain services throughout Columbia, Towson, and Ellicott City, Maryland. From water heater replacements to plumbing repairs and new installations, we can handle all your residential or commercial plumbing needs.

For quality water heater replacements in Columbia, Ellicott City, Jessup, and the surrounding areas call Heil Plumbing today at (410) 995-2332 or contact us online!

When Should I Consider Water Heater Replacement?

water heater failure can leave you without hot water or even worse, start leaking. To avoid such inconvenience and discomfort, it is best to replace your water heater when it becomes too old or starts showing signs of a problem. These can include:

  • Inefficient operation – In a tank-based water heater, sediment can accumulate and harden, leading to reduced capacity and inefficient operation. While draining the sediment periodically can help, eventually the water heater will require replacement.
  • High utility costs – Older water heaters on the verge of failure can cause significantly higher gas or electricity usage.
  • Poor performance – If your water heater cannot provide sufficient hot water at the proper temperature, there may be excessive sediment accumulation, burner problems, or trouble with the thermostat, requiring repair or replacement.
  • Strange noises – Sediment accumulation or other problems can cause abnormal noises like rumbling or banging. Have the water heater inspected if you hear strange sounds.
  • Rusty water – Reddish or brown water can be a sign of excessive corrosion in the water heater tank, which can lead to leaks.

If you notice any of these problems, contact our team at Heil Plumbing for an inspection today. We offer water heater repairs, replacements, and 24/7 emergency services throughout the Jessup area.

Contact us today to learn if you need a water heater replacement in Jessup, Columbia, or the surrounding areas.

Water Heater Replacement Services in Howard County

When you need a new water heater, you can count on Heil Plumbing for fast, efficient water heater replacement services. We install all types of water heaters, including:

  • Conventional storage tank water heaters such as atmospheric, power vent, or direct vent water heaters
  • Hybrid or heat pump water heaters
  • Gas or electric models
  • And more…

A new water heater can often provide significantly improved efficiency and comfort compared to older models while reducing your utility costs.

For a water heater replacement quote, contact us today!

Schedule Water Heater Replacement in Columbia & Ellicott City, MD

For professional water heater replacement in the Howard County area, trust our team at Heil Plumbing. We offer energy-efficient, high-performance models from industry-leading manufacturers, and our experts can provide a quality, cost-effective installation.

Contact us at (410) 995-2332 to schedule water heater replacement in Columbia or Ellicott City!

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