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Toilet Repair in the Columbia & Ellicott City, MD Areas

Toilets can develop a number of problems as they age, from leaking flapper valves to damaged wax rings. For toilet repairs that are cost-effective and reliable, you need a qualified plumber that can diagnose and repair the problem quickly,

At Heil Plumbing, we can help. We offer complete toilet repair services to fix leaks, clogs, and other problems, as well as installation and replacement services. Since 1977, our licensed, professional plumbers have been providing quality residential and commercial plumbing services throughout Howard County, MD.

Common Toilet Problems

Leaks and clogs are the most frequent problems with toilets, but others can occur occasionally. Here are some of the most common toilet problems and their causes:

  • Noisy, constantly-running toilet – This is usually caused by a leaking flapper valve, though a leaking tank seal could also cause the toilet to run constantly. Sometimes a toilet can run constantly undetected. Without repairs, significant amounts of water can be wasted, increasing your water bills.
  • Frequent toilet clogs – Improper fill valve operation, foreign objects, excessive waste, or materials like flushable wipes could cause frequent clogging.
  • Improper water level – A poorly-adjusted float could prevent the toilet from filling completely, which can cause incomplete flushes or clogging.
  • Slow-filling tank – A damaged fill valve or a partially-closed supply valve can cause the tank to fill slowly.
  • Incomplete flushing – A loose chain between the flush lever and the flapper valve or mineral build-up can prevent the toilet from flushing completely.
  • Rocking – A toilet that is rocking or insecure is likely missing its leveling shims or sitting on an improperly installed flange.
  • Odors – Persistent unpleasant smells near the toilet could indicate a leaking wax ring or a trap that is empty.
  • Wastewater on the floor – A leaking wax ring or a cracked toilet could allow wastewater to leak onto the nearby floor surfaces. Leaks under toilets can rot out the floor below.

If you notice any of these problems, contact our team at Heil Plumbing for fast, cost-effective toilet repairs. Our expert plumbers will determine the cause of the problem quickly and offer the best solutions for your needs.

Toilet Repairs in the Ellicott City Area

At Heil Plumbing, we feature fully-stocked service vehicles and we can complete most toilet repairs on the first visit. Our available services include:

  • Replacing floats, flapper valves, and fill valves
  • Replacing the flush handle and lever
  • Replacing wax rings or tank seals
  • Replacing supply lines and valves
  • Repairing or replacing toilet flanges
  • Replacing drain lines
  • Removing clogs

We also offer toilet replacements and installations if a new toilet is required, as well as 24-hour emergency plumbing services.

Schedule Toilet Repairs in Ellicott City, MD

Whether you have a noisy toilet, a cracked tank, or a major clog, you can count on our team at Heil Plumbing for fast, professional toilet repairs anywhere in Howard County, MD.

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