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Connecting to Public Water in Howard County, MD

If you are currently on a well water system and public water is available in your neighborhood, you may want to consider connecting to public water. The benefits are numerous, and include:

  • No longer having to perform costly and inconvenient well maintenance – When you convert from well water to public water, you no longer have to worry about fixing any problems that may occur with your water supply. They will be taken care of for you!
  • Not having to worry about pump failures
  • Improved water quality
  • Not having to worry about power outages – Regardless of whether or not your home loses power, you will still have access to water on a public water system.
  • Consistent, guaranteed supply and water pressure
  • Reduces health risks associated with contaminated standing surface water

When you convert from a well water system to a public water system, you will be responsible for hooking up your home’s plumbing system to the public water. This will require installing a meter and running a service line from the meter to your house’s water connection, which is currently connected to the well. You will also need to get approval and the necessary permits to make these changes from the relevant city departments.

The Heil Plumbing Difference

Polybutylene, otherwise known as Blue Pipe, Qest, or Poly Pipe, is a form of plastic that was used extensively in water supply piping from the 1970s to the 1990s due to the low cost of material and ease of installation. Later it was discovered that these pipes are prone to splitting and cracking due to the reaction between the oxidants in the public water supply and the polybutylene. If your home is connected to these lines, you will need to schedule a water line replacement. Your water service could spring a leak at any moment.

Heil Plumbing’s founder, Mr. Joseph Heil, perfected the technique for replacing underground water lines to avoid disturbances in and around your home. The “Pullzit” technique is an unobtrusive method of water line replacement that involves inserting a cable through the broken line, using a special tool to split the old line, and pulling the new copper line through in its place. Mr. Heil’s technique doesn’t require digging a huge trench from the house to the street, so your landscape and driveway can stay intact during the process.

If you believe your home is connected to these pipes, or aren’t sure, please contact our team and we would be happy to assist you.

Our Public Water Connection Service Area

We provide public water connection services all around Howard County, including Odenton, Severn, Columbia, Clarksville, Fulton, Catonsville, Elkridge, Laurel, Jessup, Ellicott City, Savage, Highland, Halethorpe, Dayton, Woodstock, Scaggsville, and Arbutus, Maryland.

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