Sewer Camera Inspection in Columbia, MD

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Inspection services for savvy homeowners — and buyers 

Savvy homeowners and buyers invest in sewer line inspection in Columbia, MD. That’s because what might seem like a minor plumbing issue could rapidly deteriorate into a catastrophe. 

Don’t gamble with potential sewer line problems. Call our experienced team to uncover the hidden truth of your underground infrastructure.

How does a sewer camera inspection work?

A sewer video inspection is well worth the nominal fee because it provides valuable insight into the state of your sewer line and septic system. It helps us identify if you need elaborate repairs or simple drain cleaning in Columbia, MD. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Our experienced plumbers feed a flexible cable mounted with a camera deep into your sewer line
  2. They thoroughly investigate the inner workings of your pipes by assessing the live footage, allowing them to detect any structural damage
  3. Our plumbers then recommend the most effective and cost-saving solution to address any problems we uncovered 

Do I really need a sewer camera inspection?

Sewer video inspection in Columbia, MD is one of the best ways to make sure your plumbing is in peak performance. A sewer camera inspection is essential for diagnosing sewer line problems early. If you experience any of the following, call a professional today.

  • Slow drainage: Don’t ignore slow draining problems. Multiple plumbing fixtures that drain slowly could signal a deep-rooted problem within your sewer line.
  • Sewage backups: Blocked, cracked, and corroded pipes can cause messy sewage backups.
  • Gurgling noises: If you hear gurgling coming from your plumbing appliances, it could mean air is entering your system through a crack or hole in the pipe.
  • Foul odors: Clogs or severe pipe damage can cause unpleasant sewer odors to intrude into your home. 
  • Wet spots around your yard: If curious wet areas materialize in your yard, you could be facing a sewer line breach.
  • Old clay pipes: If your home was built before 1975, it likely has clay pipes that are past its 50–60-year lifespan. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Act now before the damage gets worse and sewage starts seeping into your basement or yard.

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