Meet The Team

Edward Heil

Edward started working for his father Joseph Heil while he was in high school, then ventured out and worked for other plumbing companies. In 1990, after his father suffered a heart attack, Edward came back to work for the company. Edward holds a master plumber/gasfitter for license. He also holds a backflow prevention, stationary engineers and home improvement license in the State of Maryland. Edward is married to Laurie Heil and they have three children, two of which work for the company.

Laurie Heil

Laurie was a stay-at-home mom while raising her children. She started working in the office at Joseph Heil Co. Inc. with her father-in-law Joseph Heil in 1996. Joseph taught her how he ran the office and how to keep the books. She was grateful for the wealth of knowledge that Joseph shared with her. Laurie is the mother of three and has five grandchildren with whom she greatly enjoys spending time.

Eddie Heil

Eddie is a 3rd generation Master plumber with over 18 years of experience to bring to your home. I trained alongside my grandfather and father.

Mengning Heil

Mengning loves finding ways to optimize the customer experience and make things easier for you.

Joe (Charlie)

Joe started with the company in 2001 during his senior year of high school. He also worked at a machine shop. Joe, like his brother, completed the four-year plumbing apprenticeship school and obtained his Journeyman’s and backflow prevention license.

In addition, he holds a Commercial Driver License and operates our heavy equipment. Joe has an affinity for all things mechanical and has always enjoyed taking things apart and putting them back together.


Kristen is our Accounting Manager who keeps us all in check and balance. Not only does Kristen bring value to the Heil Team she also brings a great personality that make our time working together enjoyable. Kristen likes spending time with her family.


Allison is our Dispatch/CSR manager. Chances are, if you have called our office before you have likely spoken to Allison. She has a fun and energetic personality which helps makes the days go by quickly. In her free time, Allison enjoys reading and spending time with her family and her two adorable Scottish Terriers.


Poppy holds a position in our office as a CSR, she is prepared to take your call and get you the answers you are looking for. Poppy likes spending time with her family and her English Bulldog.


Keith is our Service Manager and holds a Master Plumber/Gasfitters License. Keith is a man who wears many hats at Heil Plumbing. He is a great leader to his service team, often going out of his way to teach, encourage, and work through tough problems with them. Keith loves his family and enjoys riding his motorcycle.


Tim is our contract specialist that works in our office, Tim has been with the Heil Team since 2003. He is a conscientious person who will lend a hand to get any job done. Tim enjoys riding his Harley and spending time with his family.


Ike started working with us during his summer breaks from school when he was only 15 years old. He then came to work with us full time after he completed high school, went through the apprenticeship program and had his Journeyman’s license – all by the time he was 20! He left and went to college, got a degree, and came back to the Heil Team where he studied hard and today is a Master Plumber.


Robert is our residential Journeyman Plumber. Known as someone who often goes out of his way to solve difficult problems and accommodate those who are in need. A true team player, Robert always put others before himself.


Dan is always willing to go the extra mile in getting to the bottom of some of the toughest plumbing issues. He is a trustworthy individual and enjoys spending time with his family.


Eric has been a part of our team since 2019. As a Journeyman Plumber, Erics’ knack for detail and problem-solving makes him a great addition to our team. He always looks out for what is best for our customers and has an excellent Can-Do attitude!


Dave started off with Heil Plumbing as an apprentice and has made his way up to being a Master Plumber. Dave is always up for learning something new. He enjoys movie night family.


Joel is our heavy equipment operator and underground foreman. Joel is not only a dependable team player, he is also great at mentoring and teaching our apprentices to do the job the right way. In his free time, Joel enjoys fast cars and being with his family.


Otto is a crew leader on one of our underground utility crews. Otto started out with Heil Plumbing in 2018 as a helper and has made great advancements up to becoming a crew leader. He is a valuable team member.


John is an apprentice and CDL driver on our underground utility crew. John is known for his willingness to learn and lend a hand when needed. In his spare time, John likes to spend time playing golf with his wife and running.


Encarnacion is an apprentice who has been with Heil Plumbing since 2016. He works on our underground utility crew and works hard every day. Encarnacion is always happy, trustworthy, and willing to do what it takes to get the job done. He is devoted to and loves his family very much.


Nick started with us during his summer break from high school. After he graduated from high school, he became a teacher but soon decided to devote himself full time to becoming a plumber by trade. Nicks best qualities include his attention to detail and love of solving problems on his own.


Mike is our Service Plumber/Drain Cleaning tech. Mike does a great job demonstrating his ability to problem-solve and complete the job. Mike has a passion for cooking and spending time with his family.


Roni is an apprentice on our underground utility crew. Roni started with us back in 2015 and knows his job inside and out. When he is not working hard at Heil Plumbing, he enjoys reading and making videos.


Jake is a proven asset to the Service Team. Jake is prepared to take action on any type of job and glean as much as he can on the process. Jake is a great addition to our team. Jake enjoys watching and playing sports.


AJ assumes the role of underground utility apprentice who is willing and able to jump in and get the job done. AJ likes spending time outdoors and photography, mostly of nature and landscapes.

Marvin Chaney

Marvin has been a plumber for 22 years. He is an expert in water heaters, toilets, and faucet installation. When Marvin is not working, he enjoys listening to music, drumming, boxing, and training dogs.

Ken Gravley

Ken has been a plumber for 12 years. Ken is an expert in water heaters, drain cleaning, and much more! When Ken is not working, he enjoys spending time with his daughter.