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How to Tell If You Have Sewer Problems

3 min read • May 9th, 2016

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Your home’s water supply and drain lines tend to be out of sight, out of mind. But take a minute to think about how crucial the sewer lines are to you and your family’s daily life. From meal preparation and washing dishes to doing laundry and maintaining your hygiene, you need your plumbing operating correctly! It’s important to know the signs of sewer problems before they get worse and require a costly repair.

Fixing major plumbing problems should be left to the professionals. The trained plumbers at Heil Plumbing can diagnose your plumbing problems in Howard County and offer effective solutions.

Sewer Problem Warning Signs

Chances are if you’re not a professional in the plumbing industry you may not understand how dire your plumbing problems are. Keep an eye out for these sewer pipe problems to avoid more severe issues in the future.

More than one drain is draining slowly

As a homeowner you know that clogged drains aren’t a rare occurrence. Whether its hair, toilet paper, or beauty products clogging your drain, a plunger typically offers a quick fix. But if multiple drains start to drain slowly at the same time, you could have a bigger problem to solve. An experienced plumber can help determine if this is simply a clogged line or if it is a bigger problem.

Water backs up into other drains

One of the most important signs to watch out for is water backing up in other places. This indicates that you have a major issue with sewer backup! Whether your shower makes gurgling noises when you flush the toilet or the water bubbles in your toilets when you use the washing machine, the problem needs to be addressed immediately in order to minimize costly repairs and damage to your home and personal belongings.

Same drains back up repeatedly

Does your sewer always back up, even after you’ve had it cleaned or snaked? There could be an underlying issue further down the drain line. Tree roots, cracks or flat spots in your main sewer line could be the issue. Call Heil Plumbing and we can send a camera into your sewer to properly diagnose the issue.

Lowest drain backing up

When waste water starts bubbling from the lowest drain in your house, usually the basement shower or toilet, contact Heil Plumbing immediately. Your main sewer could be clogged, and if not addressed, your basement may get flooded with sewage. Heil Plumbing offers emergency drain cleaning 24 hours a day.

Drain or Sewer Cleaning in Howard County, Maryland

Your home is supposed to be a place and rest and relaxation, but that isn’t possible if you’re experiencing irritating plumbing problems. Once you suspect that you have a sewer line problem, it’s imperative you address it sooner rather than later. If you don’t get it cleared or repaired, it can cause a backup of raw sewage and other damaging problems to your Maryland home. That’s where Heil Plumbing can help. Our team can locate drain or sewer damages, assess the situation, and clean out or repair your problem quickly and efficiently so you can go about your normal routine.

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While we are based in Jessup, Maryland, our plumbing contractors also service Catonsville, Columbia, Ellicott City, Odenton, Clarksville, Elkridge, Fulton, Laurel, and Severn.


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